Liminal Bodies

Liminal Bodies is a set of two vessels that evoke the power of contemplation.

Placed in our homes, these objects will be engaged as a ritual to invite us to pause in between activities and draw us inward within ourselves. The objects are round, curved; they are shaped with the same intention you would have when digging your hands into soil. They remind us of where we all come from and where we all will return to.

One is mineral black stoneware, deep and dark; the other is green glass, translucent and bright. Both contain water in a liminal state of transformation from liquid to vapor.
The stoneware amphora when filled up with hot water, becomes a warm body to hold and sink into relaxation.
The translucent glass vessel is a water purifier. It sits quietly by the sunlight as an object to gaze upon. Pearls of water evaporate on the top and then slowly collect in the lower container.

All bodies are made of water. From times immemorial, water has been a symbol for life and light. 
In times of spiritual loss, we find that an inner revolution is needed to heal and nurture ourselves and the world. When materialism has become our new religion, how can we re-purpose the use of objects such that they can guide us back to our deeper nature and to our place in a larger whole?
In this shiny and ever faster world, ritualized moments of connection can bring us back to the here and now.

By holding and manipulating containers, looking through water, our senses are engaged as the mind naturally quietens.

Design Concept and Ceramics by Elsa Molinard
Glassblowing by Marc Barreda
Cold Work by Albert Seubring
Production at Glasmuseum Leerdam, NL


(1-5) Water purifier, glass  25 x 20 x 20 cm

(6) Black amphora, stoneware  38 x 29 x 29 cm

© Elsa Molinard, 2020