“Bellezze adurmentate”: Sleeping Beauties

More and more traditional stone houses in Corsican villages are being abandoned, leading to the decline of typical Corsican architecture. Elsa Molinard proposes a second life for these ‘Sleeping Beauties’ by turning the ground floor into a public space. Her scale model opens up a house in the village of Castellare, to let the light and the locals in. By re-interpreting traditional elements such
as the fireplace and water basin, the two rooms or ‘caves’ in the basement are revived as communal gathering spaces. With local materials – stoneware, rammed earth and oak –  the local culture is honoured, reminding villagers that their legacy is worth preserving.

A space that has become obsolete over time is revived in a contemporary context, without losing
its cultural meaning.

       Written by Willemijn de Jonge


© Elsa Molinard, 2020